Nonprofit won’t let College Students Volunteer because of their Conservative Views

January 7, 2022 Updated 8:41 PM ET

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Cancel culture is a very real and a very evil aspect of today’s society.

CREW Land and Water Trust, an environmental group in Southwest Florida, told a group of 28 college students their volunteering event has been cancelled due to an article written by one member of their group. See the email for yourself below.

Julie Motkowicz, the Education Coordinator with CREW, accuses Karoline Tyrrell, an UnBossed Reporting Intern/Reporter, of provoking divisiveness with an article she published on her site.

I implore you to read her piece for yourself before continuing this report by clicking here.

If you’re an objective person, you can see this article is well written and does no such thing, as Motkowicz alleged. I have asked numerous people to point out any racist or negative rhetoric in the article. No one can do so.

What we have here is another liberal using their power to cancel someone on the right (literally). This article doesn’t fit the narrative Motkowicz believes in. Look no further than her pronouns labeled in the email to understand her viewpoints are different from Karoline’s.

If you noticed, Motkowicz said in her email “we aim to promote diversity and inclusion amongst all people”. This is a bold face lie. If it were true, Karoline would be volunteering on March 13th.

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